IV International Eco-cultural Festival “Trypilske Kolo 2011. Air”


(Rzhishev city - 80km from Kyiv)


 Regular Ticket:

1-4.07.2010 160 грн. - 15 EUR

1-2.07.2010 110 грн. - 10 EUR

3-4.07.2010 110 грн. - 10 EUR


Student* ticket:

1-4.07.2010 130 грн.  - 12 EUR

1-2.07.2010 90 грн. - 8 EUR

3-4.07.2010 90 грн.  - 8 EUR

  Childish ticket:

1-4.07.2010 50 грн.  - 4 Eur

1-2.07.2010 30 грн. - 3 Eur

3-4.07.2010 30 грн. - 3 Eur


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Co. LTD "Trypillian Circle" 

NGO "Charitable found of supporting flora & fauna"


The Festival is held with the support of:

 Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine

Kyiv Regional State Administration

Rzhyschivska City Council


 Festivalisasetofeventsandasourceofcontemporaryideasthatcreates a platform for communication, creativity and recreation. 

“Trypilske Kolo” is the instrument for festival movement from the art-observing and consuming stage to the stage of art-creating, from the passive existence to full meaning harmonious life. Mysterious Trypillia is a ground for active cognitive process. On its basis our project incorporates musical, educational, ecological, sport and entertainment programs. Every visitor is accepted by the founder of this world. That’s why the festival through the communication and art helps to understand the meaning of the human being, the value of one’s life, harmonious attitude towards the health, nature, society. It activates towards positive changes in one’s existence, community, the state.

ТК 2011 Фаєр-шоу“Trypilske Kolo” has a five year cycle. Each festival year has a one of the nature element theme: Water, Earth, Fire, Air with the corresponding program and subject. What is important – the territory of the festival is announced to be free from alcohol consumption and cigarettes smoking.

Issues which the festival tries and solves are closely connected with world outlook crisis in the society which leads to the indifference and nonchalant attitude of the contemporary human towards own health, nature, history and the country.

Mission: through the general unity in the spirit of art, communication and striving for the healthy way of life to inspire people to self development and self understanding.

Aim: using the Trypillia theme, through the art, musical, ecological, curative, sport and other entertaining and cognitive programs to arouse theinterest towards world ethnical cultures, to offer the alternative ways of recreation, to activate visitors’ creative and cognitive processes.

Main task of the festival is the assistance in development of the tourist infrastructure of Kyiv region (in the terms of Euro 2012 preparations).


1.    Popularization of the national historical heritage.

2.    Providing of quality cultural family time.

3.    Popularization of healthy way of life.

4.    Formation of positive ecological thinking.

5.    Setting the international cultural collaboration.

6.    Assistance in the green tourism development in the Kyiv region.

7.    Development of the local communities.

8.    Development of the future young specialists in the cultural management sphere.

9.    Development of the tourist infrastructure in the terms of Euro 2012 preparations.



The participant can become:


The participant application for the III International Eco-cultural Festival “Trypilske Kolo 2010. Fire” you can send to the info@tkfest.com.uaunder the topic: “Festival participant”. The deadline for applications is on June, 1st, 2010.


The application should contain:

Name and the last name of the participants or the name of the music group;

Contacts: a phone number and an e-mail;

Presentation materials (conception, photos, video).


Wewillbegladtogetacquaintedand work fruitfully with you!



 Культури світу


Picture – is not something the artist sees, but something that to his mind has to see everyone else. Together with artists create a new masterpiece. Let the dream come to life with the vivid colors on the canvas. Thanks to well known Ukrainian artists, carry a tiny piece of ancient Ukrainian culture history through your heart.  



Ontheterritorywherethereislotsoffreshair, animatenature, springwater andodoriferousgreensonestartgrowingpensiveabout the naturalness of their own life: what do we eat? How to take care of out health? How to treat the surrounding environment?

“Trypilske Kolo” offers you to find the answers to these questions. Here also you can get acquainted with adherents and people who professionally practice improvement of health with untraditional methods: yoga, meditation, dances and many others.



Inthe“Esoteric” sector are going to be master-classes that could help one to open their hidden abilities, teach to control one’s energy and harmonize one’s life. All master-classes will be conducted in calm atmosphere, where everyone could participate and learn all the fine points of those practices.

Besides, after the practical part everyone will have a chance to learn more specific details about the theory of practices. Our experts will be glad to answer any questions you have. 



The power of Ukrainians is in our land. It consolidates us, gives us the life energy, influence our fate. The land helped the formation of the national character. Ukrainians are known as a nation of grain-grower-warriors, brave, freedom-loving landlords. The experience of the previous generations flows in the blood of every Ukrainian. It will not disappear until the nation is alive. To awake the blood to hear the voice of the Nature is the must for the happy future of Ukraine.

“Trypilske Kolo 2010. Fire” is dedicated to the problems of natural resources, flora and fauna. Our aim is the upbringing of the positive eco-thinking.

On the Dnipro-banks where Trypillian tribes once lived everyone can feel to be a part of the Nature. Here you can plant a tree, breathe in fresh air, sit on the meadow under the clear-blue sky and hear the real rhythms of the earth.

Bland in with the nature into single unit just the way an ancient Trypilian did. Feel the harmony of the Earth and learn more about its problems. Professional ecologists, lost of eco-events, contests and games will help you to understand Mother-earth much better. Help it to break free from the negative results of the “progress”. And it will benefit you with an awesome energy of sunny odoriferous summer!

Let’s get together with the Nature!



Do you know that the land which is called Ukraine now, couple of thousand years ago belonged to ancient civilization which is named by scholars “Trypillian”? Trypillian tribes mysteriously disappeared, but left the whole sign-system on clay ceramic. These signs should lead you to the treasure and open lots of secrets.

If you already know something about Trypillian culture, can imagine what the QUEST is and want to spend unforgettable active weekend during the festival then this game is just for you!





Far in the South, behind the high mountains, scattered meadows and deep seas there is a Fire-land. On the very center of this Land grows a Fire-flower. The bravest sailors, the most desperate daredevils tried to reach this Land, get the Fire-flower and bring it to their wives as a symbol of their everlasting love. But none of them managed to get this wonderful flower…

And then new people appeared. This people could understand the language of flame and talk back to it. They overcame seas and mountains, got the Flower and planted it on their Motherland. Every night people gathered around the magical plant and listened to the fairytales of the Fire-land.

We also advice you to listen to the wonderful fairytales which are going be presented by the Theatre of Fire on the summer festival night.

Before the show there is going to be a master-class of fire-art where everyone can try different technics of the flame-conquers.



Is there is anyone who doesn’t like boisterous, blazing, bustling Ukrainian fair?!

Honey-cakes, straw-hats,variegated lollipops, dances, singing, smiles and amusements!...

Would you like to take part it our fair?! We’ll be glad to see you there!



Connection of thousands of hurts with archaic rhythms of our ancestors… Incredible sound dynamic of the festival Trypilske Kolo harmoniously interlaced with the space of creativity and ethnical traditions. We are going to be visited by the best ethno-drummers of Ukraine. For the third time they are going to meet up in such unbelievable quantity.

Ungovernable drums’ rhythm and free improvisation!



The festival’s guests will have a chance not just make a real Trypillian ceramic by themselves, but also but also burn it in potter’s hearth. The potters will show different ways of making ceramic articles: with use of potter’s lathe, with traditional Trypillian method or simply with your hands.

Everything you make by yourself you can take with home!



It’s the most picturesque part of the festival’s territory. From here you can see the magnificent scenery of Dnipro-river and green landscapes of the smaller in the world mountain ridge.

Feel yourself a real Trypillian person: relish the freshly baked bread, communicate with domestic animals, make some primeval tools with your own hands and join the building of Trypillian hut.




The child’s world is represented on our festival with special program of fun and interactive events.

Through the native culture child learns to apprehend the surrounding world and to communicate with it. They communicate through learning what is good and what is evil, develop their creative potential and become and harmonious personality. That’s why on our festival we’d like to pay special attention to children’s audience. Its program is aimed to awake  the very first interest of children to the folk art and history, teach them to appreciate the cultural heritage of their nation.

Here kids will learn about ancient Trypillian culture, try and create toys and applique works with their own hands. They’ll paint, chisel, weave, play, listen to the fairytales, dance and sing. The program will be fun and dynamic.